Things to do

There is so much to see and do around the 12 Apostles region. For all enquiries about attractions and activities please visit or contact Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre on 03 5598 6089 or 1300 137 255.

Below are just some of the activities and attractions the region has to offer.


12 Apostles Coastal Trails and Lookout

It is the sheer scale of the offshore stacks that are most breathtaking at this point. Many of you will have seen countless photos and images; but nothing will prepare you for the grandeur of this iconic site in the flesh. Dusk and dawn provide the best viewing opportunities with the chance to see penguins from the cliff top viewing area (about 15 - 20 minutes after sunset ). Or take a free ranger walk and talk during December and January. To find out more about this inspirational seascape go to our markets and events section for more details.

Click the link below for information of the trails and lookouts the region has to offer.


12 Apostles Gourmet Trail

The 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail provides visitors with a unique experience along the breathtaking 70km road running along the east and west coasts of Port Campbell. If you love world class wines, beers, whisky, cheese, chocolate, crayfish, ice cream, yogurt or strawberries,then this is the experience for you! Plan your trip around the 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail to make the drive and the experience more enjoyable.


Boat Charters

Scenic tours, Fishing trips, Snorkeling and diving. This is the one Great Ocean Road experience you should not miss! Exceptional up close and personal views of the coastal formations and comprehensive interpretation of coastal geology and shipwreck history. Float above the wreck of the Loch Ard!

Fresh crayfish are available from our outlet in Lord Street (Port Campbell Marine Services) visitors wanting crayfish should place an order the day before in November until the season gets into full swing.


Beaches, Rainforest and Waterfalls

Reconnect with the elements and allow the slap and hiss of wave on shore transport you away from the everyday. Wild and untamed beaches adorn these southern shores. Cliff gives way to swept dunes and sheltered coves providing bold strong stretches to inspire, invigorate and escape! Access is limited but the beaches are without equal.

Visitors are urged to respect the forces at play that have shaped this spectacular coast. Knowledge of tide times and sea conditions need to be a mandatory part of planning a visit to any local beach.



Opportunity for wildlife viewing is exceptional for those who are animal lovers. Dusk and dawn provides best viewing for many species with frequent nightly shows.

Pop in at the Visitor Information Centre and hire a set of binoculars to watch the penguins come home after sunset or for a close up view of this amazing coastline. Spot amazing birdlife or maybe even a Southern Right Whale between June and September.


The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Road might head inland from Apollo Bay to Princetown, but now you don’t have to. The Great Ocean Walk hugs the rugged coastline, taking hikers to places never experienced before. The 100km trek traverses sandy beaches, thick forests and some of Australia’s tallest coastal cliffs. Walkers can choose from a variety of off-walk accommodation options and purpose built “hike-in” campsites.


Kanawinka Geopark

Follow meandering roads north from the coast to explore sublime volcanic landscapes and charming inland towns. Enjoy the contrast of conical peaks and deep crater lakes that punctuate the even carpet of rolling farmland.

Dry Stone walls dissect the landscape, an aesthetic and practical solution to farm a landscape strewn with scoria. Charming towns with well preserved buildings and tended avenues of elm, oak and plane provide visions of England on volcanic plain.

Views from Mt Leura (Camperdown), Mt Noorat (Terang) or Mt Elephant (Derrinallum) on a still winter’s morning reveal a tapestry of green pasture and deep crystal pools. The reflection of still water in every direction revealing a quicksilver trail to distant volcanic peaks.